The last goodbye

Hello! I am going to combine sites with Puddlewink. She is actually my B.F.F in real  life, so we thought we should have a website together! I am closing mine, and going to be an editor in Puddlewink’s blog. It will be our website. go to








New Play At The Stage And Other Cool Stuff

Hello! There is a new play at the stage. It is called ” Quest For The Golden Puffle” It is an Indiana Jones theme. They are doing this because Indiana Jones movie will be coming out soon! 

  •  this is the Stage.
  • costume1.png 
  •  If you dance you will be throwing a lasso. Cool huh?
  •  Alaskas explorer hat- 300 coins
  • Sienna Outfit- 650
  •  Whip- 150
  •  If you dance with the whip you will look like this.
  •  Beige Explorer Outfit- 650
  •  Safari Hat-250
  •  Supply Bag- 700
  • Pharaoh Costume- 800
  •  This thing (idk what it is) 300


  • Gold Bracelets-200
  •  Pharaoh Headress- 500
  •  Mummy Costume-600
  •   Directors Hat- 250
  •  Here is an animation of the script
  •  This is the switchbox. 


  •  This si in the costume box too. Non members can buy it. 🙂
  •  There is a note on the door of Captain Rockhoppers door.
  •  The pin is at the Book Room
  •  The Journal of Captain Rockhopper is in the Library too.
  • Well thats all for now! Pics. from the cpmythbusters, and coolayman

Alot of new stuff!

Hello! The newspaper came out today and there is ALOT of new stuff.

  •  Rockhoppers ship is finished.
  •  This is the downstairs.
  •  You cant get into Rockhoppers room though. He has the key I think. 😦
  •  In the newspaper you can put together the Migrator.
  •  I think they a re going to use the flame flinger 3000 to throw fireworks, so Rockhopper will come back. He might see them in the sky or something. I think the fireworks might have words like ROCKHOPPER COME BACK TO CP! i dont know. Post a comment on what you think.
  •  There is going to be a new mission! But it will be released at the end of the month. 😦  This is what Billybob said.

 A lot of you have been asking about the new mission and believe me I have been too! Missions are top secret around here, but I was able to get a concept sketch from the mission from one of the artists. No one wants to ruin the surprise. I know Screenhog will want to tell you all about it after it comes out, but for now, I’ve only got a bit of information.

Mission 7 will be released before the end of April and is a continuation of the last mission, so you know what that means! If you haven’t played the last couple of missions, you need to finish them first before doing this new one.
I’ve seen a bit of the mission so far and I’m really excited to hear back from all of you about it.
Until then…waddle on!
  •    There is also a new comic.
  • And there is a cool new page for Aunt Arctic. I will keep you posted!
  • Lugster

Special Gift

Hello Penguins! Bibllybob said that he will give a special gift to all who participated in the cpip test servers. I think it might be something like a beta hat only different colors. But he also said that the gift will take a little while. Post a comment on what you think it will be!


Club Penguin Shut Down (for a while)

Hello! Club Penguin will be shut down on April 14 from 12:00-3:00. They wiil be shut down because they are adding new faster servers. Just wanted to let you know.

Aqua Grabber

Hello! There is an update on the new game Aqua Grabber. Here is whats different.

  •  You can get extra points when you pick up not just the Migrator pieces. When the clam snores grab the pearl out of its mouth. But dont wake him up!
  •    Watch out for fish!
  • And if you bring a pink puffle with you it will blow air bubbles so you can breathe. Well thats all for now! Pics from
  • Lugster


New Club Penguin!

Hello! What I am about to tell you is found at . When you get there click the eye scan, then click on the box next to test servers. Disney is going to make Club Penguin a little different. The new look for the website will be here April 14.

  • Fun Stuff Here is what it looks like now
  • New Site And this is what it will look like.
  • There will also be new servers. And I found out on the cpip blog that they changed the logo.
  • cp-old.jpg Before
  • cp-new.jpg After